Throwaway Angels

Press Gang Publishers (1996)


Shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis award

Tova's lacklustre life - days spent running the Kwik Kleen Laundromat, nights spent brooding about being dumped by her girlfriend - picks up its pace when her friend Gina disappears. Gina works as a stripper in a local bar, and the police don't show much interest when sex trade workers go missing. Reaching for a boldness she didn't think she possessed, Tova begins her own investigation.

You could make a long list indeed of the books that draw on the Downtown Eastside and especially of the tragedy of the missing women. Nancy Richler's novel Throwaway Angels (1996) is unfairly overlooked because it was one of the first. Reread now, it seems almost hauntingly prophetic.

George Fetherling, The Vancouver Sun, April 8, 2011